Today I enjoyed a cold day out in Riga. They are forecasting some snow this week. It was -3C at 6.30am Sunday.
My Latvian manager, Sasha and his wife, Vera are fostering for one month, two 9 year old Jewish orphans from Donetsk, SE Ukraine, whose parents were killed recently by the Russian rebel army. The same age as Sarah – Sasha’s little daughter. Dasha has ringing in her ears and hearing loss because of bomb explosions close by in Donetsk.

I preached at the Word of Truth Church service in Riga at 11am and their youth meeting at 5 pm. These people are so hungry for god’s word and responded with great enthusiasm.

I start my seminars to the military tomorrow morning – to the military police and later to the anti-air security battalion. The programme is very busy through the week, criss-crossing the country to different military and air force bases.