I want to thank you for your great friendship and your wonderful partnership in the gospel. You have been such a blessing and encouragement to us and more especially all the orphans we support in Eastern Europe. We couldn’t manage this vital work without your help. God bless you richly for your generosity.

It has been an amazing privilege to minister the Word of God to the Military and Military Academies in Ukraine and see many hundreds come to Christ. As a result, the morale of the troops has grown and military family relationships have been healed. This increase in faith and morale amongst the troops, I have been told, has been a contributing factor to their victories over the Russian Rebel Army in Eastern Ukraine. They are getting this part of their nation back.

Also, the deep hurts within the young men we’ve ministered to at the Military Academy in Kiev, are in the process of being healed through our ministry. Many of them were orphaned 3 years ago when their fathers were killed in battle in Eastern Ukraine. I have been invited to spend a few days with these boys, counselling them, as I have done at the Olympics when counselling an athlete who has experienced a disaster or calamity that would greatly distract him from any hope of winning his event. I will have Russian Bibles to give to all of them.

We have the privilege right now of bringing 25 needy teenage orphans, with 5 chaperone adults from Eastern Ukraine, to come to Latvia (via Poland) for necessary medical treatment. They have been traveling under military escort (one of the benefits of my ministry to the military) but we have had to pay for the travel documents, medications, fuel for the bus, food and accommodation along the way – our privilege indeed. They were all given Bibles – that stunned them as they had never had their own Bibles before. I love the looks on their faces when they see their own first Bible. Priceless! They were amazed to have soldiers (men and women) traveling with them. This is an eternal investment which they will never forget.

Please stand with us in prayer and financially if you can. We have been pouring funds into meeting the needs of the destitute and the orphans in these areas and that has gained us more open doors to present the Gospel to the Military, the Universities and the Sports Organisations.  This has been very draining and we are desperately short financially at this time.

In October, I’ll be visiting orphanages that need some extra vital attention, and ministering to three country churches in Lviv, and Kovel in north western Ukraine, and Chernivtsi near the Romanian border. I met three young pastors last year, who begged me to come to their country churches to train and equip them in evangelism. I’m trusting to see huge harvests of needy people into God’s Kingdom through this training. Along with the practical training, I’ll give them Russian Bibles of their own plus my book, “Equipped to go into the Harvest” in Russian. Knowing their own culture, they’ll effectively reach far more people that I could.

The Ukrainian Rugby Federation
is having a Rugby Festival Tournament in Odessa in October and I’ve been asked to speak to the players, coaches, managers and chaplains. What a great opportunity to bring many needy sportsmen to Jesus. Please pray with us for this amazing opportunity.


This is also a busy time in preparing for the start of the new school year in September where we need to provide school requisites and study materials. We also need to provide for the 17-year-olds to start work-related courses to begin preparing them for entering the workforce. In October, the snows start falling again and we need to provide vitamins and medicines for the sickly children. We have some very big expenses coming up the next couple of months and would greatly appreciate your kind help.


With deep appreciation for your partnership in the gospel – if you are led to help with the expenses at this time then follow this link: