one of the childrenI met with our Russian manager, Sasha Rodionov (who now lives in Germany) in Germany and we Artemthen flew via Warsaw to Odessa, Ukraine .

Our purpose was to check on the orphanages after a very cold and prolonged winter. We visited the very special orphanage for Brain-Damaged Babies and Children, to check on their well being and deliver special medicines to boost the children’s immune systems, which the local government doesn’t supply. There was a baby boy, Artem, who had just had heart surgery; another little girl, Viktoria, needing heart surgery; another Sophiathat had just had brain surgery(with a scar across the top of his head); Petra little gypsy baby, Sophia, that had been found abandoned just after birth, in a cemetery; a very crippled 8 year old named Petr who was having a massage – all seemed to enjoy the attention. These children with such pure spirits are very dear to God’s heart, I’m sure.

They said that the older children had greatly benefited from the Verticalizer Chairs that we verticaliser chairprovided for them 3 years ago. She asked very humbly if we could manage to provide another Verticalizer Chair (costing $3,500 from Poland) for small children, so that they could begin their motor coordination rehab at a much younger age, to have their bodies exercised each day. I told her I would try to do what I could to provide this. Please stand with us in prayer for this vital need. We love these special children.
respiratorThe matron of this special orphanage asked, as a priority, if we could provide them with: a Respirator to help the children with disformed lungs to breathe – costing Mucous Suction Machine$995.
Also needed is a Battery-operated Mucous Suction Machine to remove excess mucous in emergency situations costing $1012.
Both are available in Ukraine.
Please stand with us in prayer to be able to provide these vitally necessary items for these precious children.

The House of Hope

residents at House of Hope with new BiblesWe visited and ministered to the youngsters in The House of Hope – the Homeless Children’s Center in Odessa at the end of a horrendously cold winter. We’re trusting that the extensions to the House of Hope will be completed for the intake of new the new extensionyoung people who are having to leave their orphanages prematurely with nowhere to live. Please pray with us for this move for them, and that we’ll get the extra rooms on all three levels, finished in time.
These young people were craving to have their own Bibles, so we were able to provide many Bibles for the adults, teenagers and children. This group expressed their gratitude very vocally and held on to their Bibles like wonderful treasures.
We were so privileged to visit the Ananyev Orphans School in the Odessa region from which many of the older children were coming to live in the House of Hope. They have nowhere to live and without the refuge of the House of Hope, they would probably live in the streets, derelict buildings or in the sewers and drains under the city, as many have down in the past. Some will have to be driven the 2 hours to school each day.