Anna lives in Latvia, but she doesn’t have a real home. Her heart has no place to rest. She often finds herself in one place, and then another, and then somewhere else. Sometimes they stay with friends, but mostly they congregate with others just like them. Anna tags along behind her mother, a single parent in her fifties. They are homeless.

The first time we saw Anna and her mom was about a year and a half ago. They asked for help with food and clothes. We gave them both. They stayed around for a while. We noticed that Anna would always wear a hood over her head, even when the weather was really warm. Anna always covered her head. We inquired further and found out why. Anna’s head was full of lice and nits. Urgently we treated her with medication and then helped her with basics of hygiene.

One day Anna and her mom just stopped coming. We started looking for them at the address given when they first registered, but they weren’t there. The search continued for quite a while. We were worried about Anna and used any available resource to find her and mom. Our search came to an end when we found them living and hiding among the large garbage containers in town. This unlikely place has become their refuge. Once again, they started coming back to church and the feeding program – But then in May of 2012 we lost them again.

The search for mother and daughter started all over again. We didn’t understand why they kept running away. We wanted to help, as did many other people. In desperation we cried out to the Lord to lead us to Anna and her mom. We cried out for their life, for their safety, for their future.

We started asking more people, driving and walking in all areas. Finally someone pointed us to a park where Anna was seen last. Two days later we found Anna. She was barely standing and wobbled from side to side. She was so thin. With the help of social services and the police we finally located her mother. We instantly got them both some help and then immediately back into the feeding program. As of July of the same year Anna and mom were welcoming the possibility of a new life.

Since, we have spent much time with Anna and her mom, helping them overcome, praying with them, and leading them into a more stable lifestyle. After many prayers, and much effort, we have been able to persuade them to continue with the church and let us continue to help them.

Now life for Anna and her mom is more stable. The church has become their new place of refuge and the feeding program their source of encouragement and food. Anna has been going to our Sunday school and her mom participates in the bible study. Life is changing. It is getting better for the both of them.

But Anna is still suffering in another way. The life she has led, living on the street, in garbage containers, has done something to her inside. Many times she was left all by herself. Only she knows what she really went through, and the scars she wears emotionally can be seen running wide and deep. Only Jesus can heal her heart now. As she refuses to speak about that part of her life, all we can do is offer her up to Jesus and pray for the healing to begin.

Please pray for Anna – she and her mom are in need of much love and financial support. You could send a gift via the donation link on our website.

Thank you so much