Special Ministry in Sweden and England

I enjoyed ministering to The Bethel congregation in Vagnharad south of Stockholm, pastored by my friends, Åke and Lise Wallman. The sweet presence of the Lord was there to encourage the people to share their faith in Christ with everyone they could, knowing that they could be bringing someone to Jesus who could be a world reformer.

St Luke’s Anglican Church, Hawkinge, Kent hosted me for two Sunday morning services. The precious older people responded to the challenge of God’s word like the seasoned WW2 veterans that they are. The beautiful worship time opened the way for the Holy Spirit to touch needy lives.

That same Sunday evening the Deal Pentecostal Church, Kent was the venue for a wonderful time of worship and Holy Spirit ministry. I had a wonderful time of fellowship and ministry with the A10 Mission Fellowship in Hertfordshire – a group of people committed to missions and bringing people to Christ.

Latvia – Seminars to the Military once again.

The schedule intensely busy but extremely fruitful, with many of the troops at the Military Bases making a decision to receive Jesus and begin to follow Him. This was my 13th bout of this ministry to the Baltic Forces. In the last 4 years I’ve had the privilege to address about 18,000 troops where the Lieutenant-General originally gave me two mandates – “Prepare the troops for eternity, and help them solve the problems with their marriages and families.”

The schedule started in Riga at minus 6 degrees and snow to the Military Police who responded well to God’s word through the seminar entitled “Destressing your relationships”.

Then we drove 1.5 hours to the Cesis Instructor Base for a lecture to the new intake of officers.
Then we drove to Valmiera to minister to the Valmiera Basketball Team, where Elmars, the military chaplain, is their personal chaplain. Through the seminars to the military, a ministry to the National Basketball League has opened up. That just has to be God opening up the doors into high places. Then we drove on to Aluksne near the Russian border to be ready for an early start for a rousing seminar to the new military cadets. That Tuesday morning s eminar was outstanding in attention and response.

Early the next day we drove 2 hours west from Riga to Lecture at the National Guard in Saldus. They are always a great unit of older soldiers who pay attention to how they should prepare for an uncertain future with the certainty of Christ in their lives.

We then drove west to Liepaja on the Baltic coast, to give a lecture to the Naval Force Unit on board a mine laying boat. The friendship I’ve developed with this base over the years lends itself to a growing confidence to open their hearts more to God and His will in their lives.
That evening I attended a Basketball Game between Valmiera (to whom I’d ministered two days earlier, and Liepaja, a stronger team. Valmiera won in the last quarter and I had a short time of ministry to them afterwards.

On Thursday morning we drove north to Kuldiga to minister to the National Guard. After that we had a nail-biting rush back east to conduct an outreach seminar to the Air Force in Lielvarde. That was a great meeting.

Friday morning saw us ministering to the University basketball team, who showed great attention and respect. A deep work done in some hearts there.
In the afternoon I conducted a seminar to the Transport Regiment at the Army HQ in Riga.

On the Saturday morning I was privileged to conduct a seminar of 4 sessions to 120 needy men including a prison chaplain, pastors from various churches including a vibrant Lutheran pastor. God used the theme – “Being God’s man to your family and friends – even when you’re hurting.” The response was precious to behold. There were tears of repentance and rejoicing in the prayer ministry afterwards.

On the Sunday morning in enjoyed ministering at the Golgotha Baptist Church followed by a late morning service at Word of Truth Church. Needy people responded to the Lord in both services. That afternoon I flew back to England to spend time with my family.