This is Almants. He is part of a family of eleven children. They live in the rundown, ugly, old former movie theater in one of the remote areas of Riga. The building is so rotten and old that when they went in as a Family to live no one really cared. This is one of the building when you get in you are really praying that the roof would not collapse while you are inside. Totally terrible place.

However the Family had stuck together and the love one another. Two of the older boys had develop mid-stage schizophrenia. Most of the other kids have asthma and other illnesses. Government allowance for this family is under 200 EUR per month. Which most of it is automatically deducted for water and electricity. There is no medical allowance what do ever.

They are trying hard to stay above the water. Finding a job is almost impossible and in addition to that whenever they come to look for job they are being looked down upon because they don’t dress as others. They are trying very hard to earn their living by collecting old newspapers and books as a wastepaper. For 1000 kg of the wastepaper they get 40 euro’s. They are cleaning around the old movie theater and city pays them 50 euro’s for that. Needless to say that property around so big that even a thought that someone would pay 50 euro’s for that is a joke.

At the attached photo you could see the family and the building on the back ground.

Almants is incredibly cheerful fellow. He had been given a rare opportunity. Older coach spotted him on the street riding his Friend’s bike. He sow the talent of the guy and invited him to training for bike racing. They had developed a Friendship where the older coach began to help him climb up the ladder in bike racing sport.

Almants does not have anything but he loves sport. The coach allows him to use the bike and hamlet while he is in training. While Almants is home he is pretending he is riding the bike. He closes his eyes and works on his maneuver and turns.

He was invited to a bike racing competition. Which takes place April 12th (Saturday). Something he dreamed of for a year. But he has to come up with the bike racing outfit and hamlet. The one that he had been given is from a guy much older than him and just way too big for him to wear. He wears it anyway and looks terrible.

His dream is to get a nice training costume and hamlet for competition. I had asked him about the bike and he simply smiled and said. “I cannot even dream about it for now”.

I want to help this guy’s prayer. He is fighter and I like that. He fights his way through to his dream. I took this photo with him saying that when he is famous I will show him where it all started!