This is the latest orphanage that we started supporting late last year – the Kalkuni Children’s Home in

Daugavpils,Latvia, with 180 crippled and retarded children. The local government does not enough funds to help them and it seems that people’s attitude in general is that these children will never amount to much to contribute to the nation’s productivity anyways. They are so wrong. God loves these children and still has a plan for their lives.

During the recent winter I went to check on their wellbeing. There was a flu epidemic in the area and the children were struggling. This was the worst winter that nation of Latvia has experienced in 70 years – 7 months of snow and ice.

Their huge need was for warm bedding and clothes, a dishwasher, a washing machine, carts with wheels for distributing food to their meal tables, thermoses for food storage, a food blender and a month’s supply of disposable Pampers (diapers) which my local team was able to get through to them in spite of horrendous snows.

They also gave them a wonderful Christmas party, concert and gifts that we were able to provide. The weather was atrocious with heavy snows and -25C cold but the team got through safely.

Their most urgent need was for the disposable Pampers (diapers), as most of the children are incontinent and need at least 5 changes each day.

Now that the weather is warmer, two orphanages need to have their heating systems replaced before the next winter. We are very low on funds right now. Please pray for these needs. I’d appreciate that.

God bless you richly and may God reward you in amazing ways as you sow seeds of compassion into these orphans’ needy lives.

Dave Smethurst