There have been some huge needs to meet in Latvia in the last few months of winter with heating bills, medicines and vitamins, and warm clothing. Although warmer weather is anticipated, temperatures are still around -3C and more snow is predicted this weekend.

The Gardene Orphanage at Dobele, is extremely grateful that the final stage has been reached in the replacement of their much-needed heating system. It’s with Harvest Time Page 3 much respect that we think of people like Mother Teresa. She was a great servant of God. There are many others like Mother Teresa, who have sacrificed much to care for little children and the desperately needy – Marija, the director of the Gardene Orphanage, is one of them. A very special servant of God. Please pray for her and her family. Please consider helping her with this burden to feed the hungry children poor families, and save the lost. Your financial help would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to help, please mark your gift for “Gardene” and we will make sure it gets straight to her.

In a couple of months the orphans’ camp season begins. They so look forward to this as they grow so much in their relationship with Jesus, and with children other orphanages. The older teenagers benefit so much from the camps together with the local church youth group kids. This is where they build relationships that get them accommodation in the cities, better contacts for job opportunities and are drawn into local church life. These are wonderful, life-changing projects. We also want to encourage you that, because of your kindness, compassion and your gifts, so many orphans are doing well. Many of those orphans from the early days in the 1990’s are working in other parts of the European Union. Many we know of are married with children. They have reasonable jobs in other countries nearby. When we started supporting orphanages in 1993, we had no idea how much would happen and how far the blessing would go. God obviously had bigger plans than we did. Also as a result I have this privilege now to preach the gospel through my seminars to the Baltic military, navy, air force, national guard and military police where in 13 visits over 5 years, I have had the privilege of ministering to over 20,000 troops, many of whom have come into a personal relationship with Jesus. Your investment is bearing fruit on into eternity.

God is so good.