About two year ago Janis received Jesus as his Lord and Savior at the Word of Truth church In Riga during a Sunday service. However, he continued to drink alcohol and gradually stopped attending the services.

His wife and children continued to attend though. About a year ago, when he fell ill and was hospitalized, we visited him. At the time he did not know his diagnosis, but he prayed a prayer of repentance, together with us again. We believe that he sincerely accepted Jesus Christ into heart as Lord and Savior.

Then, on the morning of July 10th Janis (51) was diagnosed with a very aggressive liver cancer. The doctors told him that he had just days left to live. Since the cancer hospital had no place for him (he was number 24 on the waiting list), Janis ended up lying in bed at home.

When we arrived to visit Janis and his family we were in shock. In just a few days he had deteriorated badly. You could see his bones and his skin had turned yellow. He groaned loudly in his bed due to the bedsores he had developed. The family has very little money, but Janis’ wife managed to buy him a 2-3 day supply of bedsore patches, at a cost of $15.

On a following visit we brought her another patch along with two packs of diapers. We also brought baby food because he had not eaten or drank water.

We prayed for him and cried to the Lord with his family — his wife Jolanta and children Madara and Janis. Of course, we asked the Lord for a miracle of healing. Sergey tried to give Janis water using a teaspoon, but he turned his head to the side. The desire to live had left him. Sergey tearfully told him: “Janis! Do not give up! Cry out to Jesus!”

His daughter Madara cried. Her mother told us that she reads the Bible a lot — not a children’s version, but an adult Bible. The children are always happy to come to our church and they attended the summer camp of our church. They loved it. I hugged her tightly and said: “God knows what is best for dad, you just do not give up. Continue to trust in Jesus! ” She cried, and agreed.

On the morning of July 12 the Lord took Janis home. His earthly suffering concluded. His passing saddens our hearts but we know that the most precious thing is the salvation of his soul.

His 42-year-old wife Jolanta, his 12-year-old son Janis and his 11-year-old daughter Madara survive him.

Yolanda works as a teacher in a kindergarten. Her salary is very small. And now, without her husband at her side, raising children will become even more difficult.

Please stand with this family in prayer as they mourn the loss of their husband and father. Pray that their faith will be strengthened amidst the emotional turmoil they undoubtedly feel. Ask God to meet their every daily need.saksha