We have many teenage orphans doing work related courses at present, to enable them to prepare to enter the workforce when they turn 18 this year. These work related courses have marvellously been provided for.

This enables them to get better jobs and apprenticeships to start earning an income. If they don’t have these opportunities available to them, there is a strong possibility that they might live on the streets. The consequences of this will most likely push them into activities where their futures are bleak’, like prostitution, theft or selling illegal items. The results of those are horrendous for these precious lives.

A very urgent series of needs has arisen with the Orphans of Odessa who are doing their work related courses before leaving their orphanage. They have had to leave their orphanage prematurely. They’ve been brought into our Homeless Kids Center, resulting in pressing needs for beds, bedding, towels, toiletries, clothing, and the cost of finding their birth certificates and personal documents to enable them to become citizens and acquire passports.

A requirement for them getting their documents and passports is to have health checks that are part of the government deal. Well these kids have been found to have stomach and intestinal problems. The doctors in the state hospital have very basic equipment to run gastroscopies and colonoscopies. A Gastroscopy for children under 18 is $80.00, while a Colonoscopy is $90.00. But hopefully they will get a discount averaging it to $140 for both procedures. I didn’t expect all these complications, but we’ll stay with them to the end.

These children were orphaned in tragic circumstances in Ukraine, and family documents were lost. This is costing quite a bit of money, but with these documents these children may eventually be able to work anywhere in the Europe and beyond. Please pray with us for these precious teenagers’ needs.

This little 10-year-old Ukrainian girl, Anastasia, came to our Odessa manager’s attention when a villager from 300 km away called the orphanage to say that a little girl had been thrown out of her home and was living in a garbage dump. Petr, our Odessa manager, drove there, collected her and brought her into the orphanage. We are now trying to find her birth certificate to register her and eventually get her a travel passport. Like the others she is going to need medical treatment, maybe from outside Ukraine. Petr and his team are my heroes, the way they worked tirelessly to help these children.

At present we are conducting Summer Camps for these precious orphans that will give them valuable spiritual input, physical exercise, and social interaction with other orphans and local children. Please pray with us that all the needs are met for these vital opportunities.