News from the London 2012 Olympic Games

I have been doing a lot of driving in one of the Olympic cars, transferring officials and athletes from Gatwick Airport to the Olympic Village. I have a lot of time to talk with them and when they ask me what I do in life that opens such a huge door to talk about Jesus. At one time I drove the Belarus doctor, Yauheni, from Gatwick Airport to the Belarus embassy. That generated a very interesting conversation. On another occasion I drove with the team director Aliksandr Barouski to the Eton Rowing venue. That produced very stimulating discussion.

Driving back across central London I see a lot of famous sites like Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and Big Ben, but I don’t have time to dwell on these famous icons. I have to concentrate on the horrendous traffic that jams up in central London a peak hours.

I met up with two delightful Kenyan volunteers, Caroline and Kennedy. Jesus was shining out of them and we had some wonderful fellowship. One morning while running for the bus in Lewisham where I am boarding with Margurita’s cousin, a young man on a training run jogged alongside me and introduced himself as Noah, also a volunteer. I am meeting soon with him and his wife to share experiences at past Olympics and Paralympics.

Walking through the Olympic Plaza one day I met up with some Zimbabwe athletes. I greeted them in Shona, “Zakanaka Shamwari (greetings good friends). Their heads whipped around and big smiles appeared. We had a wonderful time talking about Jesus as well as their country (where we once lived for five years).