I want to thank you so much for your wonderful support and your faithful prayers. God bless you for your kindness that enabled us to meet so many of the orphans needs, as well as bring many people to Jesus, in needy places where I have recently been ministering.

These countries included Latvia and Ukraine where I, with the help of my interpreter Victor Volchenko, was preaching in Military Bases and High Schools, as well as checking on the orphanages. It is already exceedingly cold in those regions – even before the snow has started falling.

I was in Latvia last week conducting outreach seminars in three Military Bases, three Boot Camps in the forests, for new military cadets, five High Schools, and the Valmiera Basketball Team, now at the top of the National Basket Ball league all in four days – the traveling was hectic.

The responses from the youngsters in the high schools and military boot camps was excellent. They were disciplined, respectful and attentive. There are lots were open towards the gospel as they had not yet been hardened by the privations of warring battle. What a great time to reach them with the gospel.

In Odessa, Ukraine, Sasha (my Latvian colleague and interpreter) and I visited the Homeless Children and Teenagers that we support there. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them and encouraging them at their gym training –  kickboxing club, where they train 3 days a week under Igor Manjul, the past European welterweight kickboxing champion. It was amazing to see them respond to God’s word so readily. My theme was simply, “God has faith in you – to fulfil His plan for your life with great fruitfulness, because He sees you immersed in Christ and covered with His righteousness”. They grabbed that so readily in their great sense of need.

In Kiev I was privileged to conduct outreach seminars to students at the prestigious Kiev College of IT and Management,

I spoke at a key Military Base for the 101 Brigade, whose soldiers had recently seen intense war action. The Commander insisted that I return next year.

It was great to share at the Ivan Bogun Military School for teenage boys some of whom had recently lost their fathers in Eastern Ukraine. More than half understood me in English, and their response was very evident.

We met with the Government Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs who has invited me back in April next year to address a Conference of Sports People and the newly formed Ukrainian Rugby Union. What a privilege.

We were not allowed to have meetings in Donetsk and Slavyansk in Eastern Ukraine due to the war activity there. No civilians are allowed in those regions. Hopefully on our next visit in April 2017 the situation may be more settled, and I’ll be allowed to conduct outreach seminars to the troops and local people. I look forward to that.

I’d appreciate your prayers and for the supplies we still need for the health of the orphans for this upcoming winter.

These amazing doors have opened because we support orphans. We couldn’t have done this without your kind help. Your reward from God for this investment is so great.

Thank you for your wonderful friendship and partnership in the gospel.

Love and blessings,