The programme in Latvia was amazing. It was freezing with snow and icy cold winds each day.

Ogre Men's Breakfast

Ogre Men’s Breakfast

In Latvia I had wonderful seminars in the military high schools out in the country where the attention and respect was marvellous – even from some students who were challenged by my warnings to stay away from corrupting influences. The needy people in church services were very encouraged. Two Men’s Fellowship meetings at Ogre were very well appreciated.

The church services at the Golgotha Baptist Church (where the Military Chaplain General is the pastor), and the large Russian Word of Truth Church in Riga – both had very encouraging results.

Then on Sunday afternoon my Latvian manager, Sasha, and I flew to Kiev to begin a very intense programme that is still underway. The programme in Kiev Ukraine, has been amazing – incredibly busy and immensely fruitful. It has been freezing with snow and icy cold winds each day, except for one day with sunshine, but that was short lived.

On Monday I conducted a seminar of “Winning over Stress – at work and at home” at the Kiev Institute of Physical

Kiev Institute of Physical Education

Kiev Institute of Physical Education

Education to students doing a Sports Master’s Degree, the Sports Psychologists, Teachers and Coaches. That was fun and they seemed to appreciate it very much against the backdrop of the war in Eastern Ukraine with the Russian rebel army.

I had the privilege of a talking with the Management Team of the University of Sport, and then a discussion session with the Minister and Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs – really sharp and intelligent people.

Tuesday we had a wonderfully fruitful (although tiring with all the travelling across a busy Kiev) two seminars – one at the University of Law and Jurisdiction that trains judges and barristers, and the afternoon seminar at the Academy of Sciences.

Then we drove 150kms west of Kiev for two days to visit our manager, Viktor and his family, in Zhytomyr and check on a couple of orphanages there, who are battling with the icy cold weather. One orphanage is 60 kms further west in Berdichev with 125 needy kids, two of whom have critical needs that the government refuses to meet – Andrey

Andrey and Dave

Andrey and Dave

(12) has Phenylketonuria – he can’t take animal protein, gluten or whey products. He is very undernourished and small for his age. He needs medication costing $500 each month to keep his brain developing and special foods like soy products. We’ve been supplying him with this for 2 years now. He is growing up well. We had to negotiate a deal with the medication supplier today to ensure the tins of special powder keep coming through. A precious little 12 year girl named Viktoria suffers

Viktoria with Dave

Viktoria with Dave

badly from epilepsy and screams in agony and fear when these attacks come (how scary and undignified for a young lady). She’d run out of medication and we had to rush downtown to a “backyard pharmacy” (only in Ukraine) to get her a month’s supply – and ensure the funds could be kept flowing for future orders to be on time.

Thank you so much for your amazing generosity and partnership in the gospel that helps us keep these children alive.