Orphans’ Work-Related Courses 2018-2019

Our Dear Friends,
May we ask you to stand with us in prayer, and help if you are able, for the urgent needs that the Orphans whom we support in Eastern Europe have right now.
We have many teenage orphans needing to finish work-related courses to enable them to prepare to enter the workforce when they turn 18 this year. Some have completed their courses and are looking for work, and many still have 7 months to go until May 2019 for their longer courses to be completed.
This enables them to get better jobs and apprenticeships to start earning an income. If they don’t have these opportunities available to them, there is a strong possibility that they might live on the streets. The consequences of this will most likely push them into activities where their futures are bleak and without choice, like prostitution, theft or selling illegal items. The results of those are horrendous for these precious
We are very short of funds right now, after meeting so many orphans’ needs this last icy winter, so we would appreciate your prayers for these 27 promising teenagers.

Driving course – 2 months – 6 Completed Praise God
English Language -12 months – 15 $7400
IT and computer programming – 3 months – 5 Completed Praise God
Music School & training – over 12 months – 5 $3500
Nail & Manicure course – over 2 months – 5 Completed Praise God
Medical Expenses $100 x 36 kids $3600
Total that is still urgently need $14500

Teenagers at House of Hope Teenagers at House of Hope

These are their needs as they start an icy winter
Food supplies, medicines, warm clothing & blankets, heating, fuel for the bus to transport them to school each day and renovations to the buildings to accommodate the orphans who have left their orphanage with no place to live. The boys are doing the renovations under supervision of a builder.
The total immediate needs are $7,300.
Please stand with us in prayer for these vital needs and help if you are able.
Thank you for your effective prayers and your faithful partnership in the Gospel.


Dave & Margurita