I would appreciate your prayers very much for my upcoming visit to Latvia and Ukraine, where I will be checking on the orphans to see how well they have coped with the winter, and also conducting outreach seminars for the military, military high schools and basketball teams.

In Kiev Ukraine I’ll have the privilege to minister at a Rugby Convention for the Ukrainian Rugby Union where I will have the opportunity to share Jesus with the sportsmen, managers, coaches and officials. This was arranged with the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Sport on my last visit in October 2016.

In Ukraine, I will also be visiting the eastern part of the country which has been devastated by the Russian rebel army. I will be preaching to the Ukrainian Military in their operational area as well churches and schools in that region, that are trying to recover after that recent war. I will have the privilege to preach in a local church where many lost relatives in the war.

A local Chaplain, whom I met when I conducted outreach meetings at the Kiev Orthodox Seminary in 2015, has invited us there. I will be speaking to the military and schools in this area.

The Chaplain General will be coming with us. Last year we were privileged to be able to pay his and his wife’s airfare to a Chaplain’s Convention in Latvia, where they were so blessed. He wants to open as many doors for me as possible to the forces that are closer to the front line.

During this war so many children were orphaned when their parents were killed. We support 3 orphanages in that region, including deaf children who couldn’t understand what had happened to their parents. It was tragic watching their utter dismay, but over time the healing is taking place. After the bombings, many children were found living in ruined basements and sewers, and brought into crude orphanages.

I know that I will be asked to meet the needs of the poor, the widows and the orphans in that area as we’ve done in the past in other areas. The budget will be around $20,000, as we try and meet these catastrophic needs –

– medical supplies for the orphans’ winter needs
– repairs to orphanage buildings
– school supplies for children struggling to recover their education
– warm clothes, blankets & food parcels for the poor who are struggling to survive
Meeting their needs opens the doors to minister the gospel into people’s hearts. We’ve seen that again and again over the years.

So please pray for us. I don’t want to disappoint these broken people who are so open to the gospel and ready to receive and follow Jesus.