We want to thank you so much for your kindness and generosity to the Orphans we support in Ukraine. Over the last nine months we have been able to help so many orphans in Odessa survive a horrendous ordeal – being displaced from their Orphanage Boarding Schools with nowhere to live.

It’s so precious to see these children full of joy at the thought that someone is looking out for them and their needs are being met in spite of impossible circumstances. We know that their own faith is growing when they hear that people from afar, whom they don’t know, are helping them, in Jesus’ name.

We want to thank you for your faithfulness and your faith. In days of old, in Bible times, I understand that the words “faith” and “faithful” were synonymous. If a person said, “I have faith”, observers looked to see if they were consistent in their faith. If a person was consistently faithful to God, they were automatically considered a person of faith. They didn’t have to say a thing. Their consistency proved their faith.

Bless you for your faithfulness. Well done, good and faithful servants of God. you have been a huge blessing to many hundreds of needy children.

Reading a new Bible

Up to this point, our local Rescue Teams in Odessa have visited 285 country villages in the Odessa Province and reached over 6,500 needy Orphans who were evicted from their Orphanage Boarding Schools in the Covid-19A boy with his Bible quarantine lockdown. This was nearly 6,000 orphans more than we started searching for. Our teams have given out 3,000 Survival Packs of food, basic medicine and hygiene products to hundreds of needy families and 2,000 picture Bibles to poor families and children who have just received Jesus and are reading the Word for the first time. What a great start for them.

Mother and three childrenNow we start the Rescue Mission again for the third time to help the Displaced Orphans and Destitute Families again, as well as reach more unreached people.

mother and two childrenOur local teams are covering so much ground in the present lockdown season. The old vans are still battling on bad roads at all hours, as our managers and young workers seek out the orphans and needy families.

The weather is turning colder as the winter rolls in, and we’ve been providing for warm clothes and jackets for the youngsters. The young guys from the ghettos, now living at the House of Hope were thrilled with their warm jackets.

Seniors and warm clothing

House of Hope Building Project

House of Hope top floor building worksThe construction work is going well for the three floors and the big, liveable loft dormitory (the entireHouse of Hope building works top floor) which will add extra space for many more orphans coming into the refuge. At present we’re progressing to have the roof of the building complete by the end of October.

We estimate that it will cost another $20,000 to complete the interior. We’re pulling out all the stops to get these new facilities ready to take in more needy children.

I as I’ve said before this is the probably the most important thing we’ve done in the last 25 years, and we desperately want to finish the building sufficiently to house many more children before the winter snows start falling in December. Last winter it was very cold but there were no heavy snowfalls. I’m not assuming that they’ll have another “snow free” winter.
Please stand with us as we continue reaching these needy children and destitute people and increase the Kingdom of God in this remarkable way.

Love and blessings,

Dave & Margurita
“The love of Christ compels us”