We want to thank you so much for your very kind support which has gone a long way to giving many orphans a wonderful Christmas season. Through your generosity we were able to provide warm meals and quality educational gifts for these needy children. They so appreciated our local teams visiting them over the last few weeks, presenting gospel concerts and giving them their Christmas treats. Our faithful local teams traveled long distances to help these children to have a happy and beneficial time this Christmas.

The children have learnt the blessing of receiving gifts – especially God’s gift of eternal life through the Lord Jesus. Our local teams are always faithful in presenting the gospel message and helping children grow in their relationship with Jesus.
We normally spread these Christmas projects over 2 months of December and January, and slightly beyond in some of the remote areas. Some have Christmas in December, and there are others in the orthodox areas who celebrate Christmas in January. The children don’t mind as they’ll receive a blessing at any time.

We have been able to provide warmth and provisions for the needy Children of Eastern Europe especially at this icy time of the year. Many have needed extra medicines due to the extreme cold in those areas. There have been calls for dire needs like diapers/ nappies for these children who are epileptic.

They are so grateful for our support. Bless you for your kindness and compassion in helping us support these precious children.
One little orphanage in Latvia, the Elizabete Children’s Home where we have sup- ported these children with special advanced schooling, asked if we would cover the costs of the children having a little Christmas celebration at McDonald’s (for many of these orphans this is a dream come true). In late January they had a wonderful time feasting at McDonald’s, and genuinely gave God thanks for those treats.