Everytime we start planning toward the children’s camp, I feel a slight sense of shiver going through my soul. It has always brought us as a team to the place of complete self-effort bankruptcy and complete and full dependence on God!

The words of Jesus “do not hinder little ones to come to Me” always brought us to the place of soberness. How do we plan the program the way that it does not hinder them to see Jesus? How do we present Jesus in a way that they truly experience His presence? How do we preach the Word for them to get a revelation of Christ?

One thing we have never wanted to be involved in is merely “fun camp”. Too much effort, too short of a time. Where is the balance between seeing them as “kids” who want to have fun and “do not hinder them to come to Me”. We have prayed a lot, we have fasted to be strengthened in faith to believe for the supernatural. We all knew, God Himself, had to visit with them. They needed to have their own unique and personal, unorthodox encounter with Jesus! That’s all we wanted, all we prayed for.

The world around them placed enough hindrance, enough blockades such as the internet, games, drugs, betrayal – the list can go on. We knew far well that it would not be about the words, it wouldn’t be our faith, and it would have to be Jesus that they see.

As we continued seeking the Lord in prayer for each one of these kids, and especially knowing their background, we would come back to the passage of Scripture picturing Jesus washing the feet of His disciples. There was not much we could do to convince them to give their hearts to Jesus. All we wanted them to see was that Jesus loved them, loved them more than we could ever express.

So we simply did our best for them to see the love of the One who would never fail them, never leave them, never betray them, never forsake them, and never forget them. Their rest was about Jesus.

It wasn’t us, it was Him Who gracefully revealed Himself to them in their unique way of communication. It brought us all in awe before the Lord seeing Him touching the hearts of little ones, talking to them, comforting them and loving them the way they understood it was HIM! All we wanted was to make sure nothing interrupted their communion.

Looking back, analyzing the days of camp, we all felt so emotional and yet so in awe to the ways of God to the heart of these children. None of the kids have left the same, they have all met with Him, they have all given their hearts to the Lord! But it was not about us, it was all about Him revealing Himself to them.

I cannot help but wonder, wonder if God is preparing all of us for the last stage of the world as we know it. Could it be that He is graciously raising the generation that will usher His glorious return?

Thank you for being with us and for making the way for these little ones to come to Jesus. I have all the confidence to believe that they are going to be leading many others to Salvation. They are the generation of an uncompromised faith, they will leave everything for the sake of following Jesus.

We could have not done this without your prayer, without your support and love.

Thank you! Thank you so much!

God bless You!