We trust you are well and enjoying God’s blessings and protection, at this time. We want to bring you up to date with special news about the Orphans and Destitute Children we support in Ukraine. With your wonderful help over the last few months we have been able to help the Orphans in Odessa survive a horrendous ordeal. Now starts the rebuilding process in these poor youngster’s lives.
Just recently we were asked by the Child Protection Services in Odessa, to provide school requisites for 200 very poor children from destitute families, for when the schools reopen in September. The schools will soon be opening for lessons but not boarding accommodation. These are children and families we’ve not previously met or ministered to.

The harvest into God’s Kingdom is getting bigger.

As our teams hand the school backpacks and Bibles to the children, they share the Gospel with the family and lead them to Jesus on the spot.

This is a huge new opportunity to evangelize and bring families to the Lord, which we didn’t expect. What a great opportunity to increase God’s Kingdom while searching for lost children.

We have just paid out a lot of money and your gift has gone to help these needy children with their education which they have had to do without for 5 months. The number is growing way beyond the original 200 we were expected to help.

The School Supplies we bought for these poor kids, include school backpacks, notebooks, sets of pens, colored pencils, sets of felt tipped pens, and a pencil case – all costing $25 for each child. Included in each backpack is a beautiful picture Bible, which they treasure.

Over the last few days our teams have visited the 8 Village Regions of the Odessa Province, where 224 Orphan children received new school supplies for the start of the new school year in Sept 2020.

It’s so precious to see these children full of joy at the thought that they are going back to school prepared with such good quality study materials. I know of many instances where the frustrated teachers have severely criticized and screamed at the orphans and poor kids for not having the right study materials (which the kids have been expected to provide for themselves). I never again want to see a child demoralized like that.

Our local teams in Odessa drove over 18,000 kms in the last 6 months, visiting 238 country villages in the Odessa Province, and reaching over 5,400 needy Orphans who were evicted from their Orphanage Boarding Schools in the Covid-19 quarantine lockdown. Now we’ve begun helping to rebuild the children’s future, educationally and spiritually. Our local teams minister regularly in the schools, and on my visits to Odessa, I have ministered in those schools quite often.

In just three days our teams delivered 224 School Backpacks to these overjoyed poor children who had never received such delightful gifts before. All these destitute families received the gospel message from our teams and readily received Jesus into their lives. There is much more to come as we continue this amazing mercy ministry.

Our budget for this next stage of this wonderful project will be $5000 for the school requisites and $450 for transport costs.

Please stand with us as we continue reaching and helping these needy children and destitute people and increasing the Kingdom of God in this remarkable way.

Love and blessings,

Dave & Margurita
“The love of Christ compels us”