Thank you…

…… all for your wonderful gifts and prayers for the Orphans and Homeless Children in Odessa at this critical time.

You are such a blessing to hundreds of needy children and derelict families in their need. God bless you immensely.

In 28 years of supporting Orphans in Eastern Europe I’ve never seen the level of gratitude that the orphans and homeless kids of Ukraine are showing. With a gift like yours, these orphans are realizing that God notices them in their dire need – it’s a beautiful revelation to them.

some of the kids

Giggling kids so happy to see their rescuers

giggling kidsWhen Peter and the team arrived with food, medicines and children’s Bibles, the children were overjoyed. Peter said it was refreshing to be with such a grateful needy family.

All these people readily come to the Lord and commit their lives and future to Him.

A Humble Grandmother

humble grandmotherGrandmother, Lyudmila and granddaughter, Valya live in the Frunzovsky district. Valya’s mother died a year ago, and her grandmother became her guardian. There is no work for Lyudmila and there is not enough pension to survive. The house has no water, no sewerage and there are problems with electricity. Great hunger forces this humble grandmother to walk about in the neig