It’s been such a blessing to train and equip many people in personal evangelism, in the Odessa region over the last 3 years. This has paid Dave at House of Hopeoff with these humble local people leading so many effectively to Christ over the past 10 months.

Work goes onWe recorded a Christmas video with an encouraging Christmas message based on how God chooses to use people in His service those who are weak, lonely, broken and discarded, like the youngsters and leaders at the House of Hope.

It’s to these valiant young people, and to you as well, that we dedicate this blessing. Please enjoy some of the kids and staff of the House of Hope singing a well-known Christmas hymn, and thanking you for meeting their needs. Not all of them could be there – some were working, some were ill, builders and laborers where busy with building work to get the extensions to the House of Hope finished. We’d like to bless these builders with financial gifts for their families in Western Ukraine, while they are working to finish the roof and the extensions to the House of Hope.

Please excuse some of them singing off key. Many have come to the Lord this year and have never done this before. Enjoy their joyfulness and gratitude to God and to you, for your gifts that allowed them to “rescued” and brought into a relationship with Jesus and into the House of Hope – the Homeless Kids Center. There are so many more waiting to come and live in this wonderful haven, when the building of the extensions is complete.