We trust that you are well and enjoying God’s blessings at this time. We really need urgent help for the Orphans of Latvia and Ukraine in their great need at this very cold time of the year in Ukraine and Latvia. The current temperatures average around -20C (-4F) horrendous, and many orphanages have been penalised for exceeding their electricity usage. We desperately need to meet those heating bills otherwise the power may be cut off. Please help us if you are able.
Read my seperate report for the orphanges in Latvia.

We tried to make the Slavic Christmas Season (second week January) as happy as possible for all these needy children. We’ve been supplying a lot of fresh vegetables, vitamins and medicines to the orphanages in order to provide a healthy diet for the children this winter. We’ve got a big consignment of diapers going to the baby orphanages again.

Odessa Christmas Children & Parents Service e - CopyOleg, our manager in Odessa, had an amazing Christmas/New Year outreach service. It was a huge success with so many coming to Jesus. So many stay with the church after these outreaches and grow in their relationship with Jesus. That hall costs us only $100 per month to rent – with no heating. It’s freezing in there. But what a blessing – it’s a refuge for so many poor people and homeless children and teenagers.

The Abandoned Baby Center in Odessa

When visiting the Abandoned Baby Center last October, I got so emotional looking at those disadvantaged children. I kept thinking, “There is a precious life here that came from God, with a purpose on this planet. One day that life will return to God when its purpose on earth is done, to be perfect in a heavenly body. But until then I will do what is possible to help that child’s destiny to be realised.”

19 Odessa Baby & Orphans Centre h Dave & baby


The director said the biggest need they have is for three electronic exercise chairs (costing $2,500 each) for the disabled children to have their bodies exercised each day. I told her I would try to do what I could to provide those. Please stand with us in prayer for this vital need. 19 Odessa Baby & Orphans Centre zg Verticalizer - Rehabilitation standing frame exerciser

Christmas Gift Project

We have just received reports of our Christmas Gift Project from Viktor, our manager in Zhitomir, Ukraine (150 kms west of Kiev) who administers care to 10 orphanages. I’ll be visiting there in mid-February, to encourage them and check on the operations.

Viktor writes, “Of the many orphanages we support, the N. Borova Children’s Home is so needy. There are 89 girls, most of them mentally disadvantaged. They received their gifts and were very happy, saying ‘thank you so much for providing’. They were so excited about our visit. Every time we go there we experience a special meeting with the girls. Each one runs to us and wants to hug us in gratitude. In one part of the orphanage there were children who are very sick, because of the extremely cold weather.zzf N.Borova orphanage mentally disadvantaged girls d

Each time we visit this children’s home with the sick orphans, we look at these children with pain in our hearts. And we ask the Lord to have mercy on these needy children and heal them somehow.”

Street Children’s Center

We visited the Street Children’s Home when most of the children were in bed zze Winter in Zhitomir abecause of the cold. We had a meeting with the children who were in the playroom. We gave them their gifts and shared the gospel message. The children were very grateful for zzg Zhitomir Street Kids Center pthe warm fellowship and asked us to come back more often.

Then we went the other rooms where the sick children were in bed, and gave gifts to each child there. Where children were asleep, we left their gifts beside them on the beds.

Here’s a photograph of very small children (3-5 years) who were asleep at the time of our visit.”

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