In mid-March we were very busy supplying the orphanages and the children’s hospitals which we support in Eastern Europe, with supplies of medicines and hygiene products –

  • The Brain-Damaged Baby Orphanage
  • The Children’s Cancer Hospital in Odessa
  • The Teenage Boys Prison
  • and trying to get the Extensions finished at the House of Hope

That was taking a lot of effort and finance, when we were suddenly confronted with one the most critical needs we’ve ever encountered.
on the streethouse in villageWe were informed by our manager, Peter, and team in Odessa that the authorities had dismissed all the orphans from five orphanage boarding schools into which our teams minister – 552 from 7 to 17 years old – and told them to “go home’’ but most of them didn’t have homes to go to – many had been removed from homes that were very unsafe.
These Orphans from the boarding schools are now on the streets or in filthy and dangerous hovels.

Destitute Families receiving Survival bags with food, medicines & hygiene products Bibles - Children’s & Teenager’s pictorial Bibles.

Survival Bags with purchased foods, medicines and hygiene products prepared by the teenagers and children at the House of Hope are being packed each day, with great joy to be delivered each day to villages in the Odessa province to the orphans and destitute families.

In the last month, the teams have traveled 12,000 kms, visited 42 villages in the region shown on the map, been able to reach, provide for and help 1,873 children (give them Survival Bags of food, medicines, hygiene products as well as Bibles), given Survival Bags and Bibles to 704 destitute families

These amazing results came out of searching for 552 Orphans from the Orphans Boarding Schools into which we were ministering. We found out from Child Protection Services that a total of 2072 children who were “evicted” from all the Orphanage Boarding Schools in the Odessa Province. Our teams have found and provided for 1,873 children so far. [this figure now stands at over 3,500 children! as at 7th June]

Hundreds led to Jesus, and Churches to be planted there after quarantine lock-down lifted!

Odessa Poor Family

This destitute family with five children was in a shocking condition. Hard to comprehend. The little baby, being fed by his sister, has a serious heart condition and the parents don’t seem to care.

Social workers came with Peter and they decided to try to do something to help this family. The children are totally neglected. The Child Protection Services worker tried to get an answer to a simple question, "What do the kids eat?" "Show me what kids eat?" The "mother" got out a plate of raw buckwheat that was just soaked in water (not even cooked) and started feeding