Amazing ministry in the USA

I had an extremely busy 2 months on this series of missions in the USA.
The ministry in Florida at the River of Life AOG church in Merritt Island, and the Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville bore wonderful fruit with many coming to the Lord. At the Park Avenue Baptist Church I had four services that day – two church services, an adult Sunday school with the older charismatic prayer and prophetic group. The evening saw a dynamic youth service led by the pastor’s son.

I had a wonderful two morning Easter services in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with Living Hope Family Church. Needy people came to the Lord in the second service. On Easter Monday a wonderful home meeting at the Andrewski’s home in Mashpee, Cape Cod. A sweet crowd including some young people gathered to be encouraged and challenged.

I had a wonderful meeting Saturday night at the Celebration Community Church, Bordentown, New Jersey at 7pm and then drove three ho urs (9pm to midnight) to Dr. Larry Stout in Montgomery PA. I ministered on Sunday morning at New Citychurch, Williamsport where Larry is a pastor – a very youth orientated service. Instead of a sermon, Larry interviewed me about how I came to the Lord 52 years ago, how God opened doors for me to be involved at the Olympics and how we came to support orphans in Eastern Europe. I had a delightful meeting with the mayor of Williamsport (Gabriel Campana) one morning that had some prophetic encouragement and prayer for him in this top position.

Then I drove back to New Jersey on Wednesday to an evening service at the New Life Church, Bordentown, New Jersey. The next day I had a wonderful time of ministry at the New Jersey Christian Academy with a lot of Korean and local students responding to the gospel. The next night I shared with the youth of the Celebration Community Church a special bunch of youngsters, missionary material.

On the Friday I flew to Detroit and Grand Rapids Michigan to minister Sat and Sun (3 services) in the Hastings Assembly of God Church. The next day I drove an hour away to do a TV interview at TCT Christian TV station in Allendale, MI who interviewed on my involvement at the Beijing Olympics.

This interview was half an hour long. Then I did a 30 second inspirational of a favourite verse 1 Cor 9:24 – about us all running the race. The camera man clapped so much afterwards because it blessed and challenged him. When I had told the viewers of my involvement in Latvia – the orphanages, military, youth and churches – the producer, with a big grey beard, came over after the interview and spoke to me in Latvian. His parents, with him as a little boy, had left Latvia in 1948 to come to the USA. He had never been back. When he heard a foreigner speaking Latvian he was in tears. He was so encouraged that God was working in so many people’s lives in Latvia.

Next I flew to Bloomington, Illinois where I had three days of wonderful ministry to beautiful people in Danville, Ogden, and Bloomington.

The Latter Rain Fellowship in Danville hosted me to their Sunday morning service. The presence of God was very tangible in the worship and the ministry. On the Monday evening in Ogden, Ken and Pam Cooley arranged a terrific Missions Outreach Dinner that was so well attended by pastors, business people and students from Korea, Zimbabwe and local areas. Their concern and passion for mission to reach out to the poor, orphans and people who have lost their way in life was beautiful to see.

Tuesday evening saw me back in Bloomington for a meeting at the Jesus House for the poor, homeless and wounded people. That was a beautiful time as the Lord just loved those people. The gracious healing presence of God was there to lift people up. The response to give their talents and their lives to the Lord to win others to Jesus was so encouraging.
My hosts, Steve and Janet Eddington were marvellous in the way they accommodated me and arranged my schedule in Bloomington. The House of Prayer meeting was a very special gathering with concerned leaders coming from the University Fellowship and the Champaign – Ogden business fellowship.

I had an excellent weekend at Citymark Church, League City, Texas (south east Houston) with Pastor Steven Yoes and his wife Maya, who was one of very early interpreters in Latvia in 1992-93. We had three very enthusiastic seminars on Saturday morning on evangelism.

The two Sunday morning services were electric with hunger for more of God. What a great climate to in which to minister God’s word. The people responded so well to the challenge to run their races well for God and be the brightest lights for Jesus in this world.