Wonderful Support raised for the Orphans

This started in Cape Cod Massachusetts at the Living Hope Family Church in Hyannis with Pastor Erik and Tami Eskelund. My flight from London on Saturday arrived three hours late due to a longer flight path to avoid the cloud of ash from the Icelandic volcano. Avis was closed by the time I arrived and couldn’t collect a rental car. I had to get a bus out of Boston and friends collected me to get me the church meeting on that Saturday night, just arriving on time. What a special time of ministry that was – a wonderful missions meeting on Saturday night and two precious services on Sunday morning. Early on the Monday morning the pastor asked me to speak to the 35 senior students at the local King’s Christian Academy. That was an amazing time as the children’s mindset was stretched to see the needs of the orphans we support in Eastern Europe and how hungrily they received God’s word.

On that Monday night I enjoyed sharing at a Home Missions Meeting hosted by John and Linda Andrewski (the gracious people who drove me from Boston to the church). For the rest of that week I hung out with some dear friends, Ron and Terri Golding in Hingham MA, who have had a wonderful healing meeting in their home for over 30 years where they’ve seen hundreds saved and healed.

I enjoyed some very blessed ministry in the New Jerusalem Christian Church in East Windsor NJ just south of New York with Pastors Doug, Larry and Wayne. This started with a wonderful Men’s Advance in Pennsylvania (in Amish territory). God poured such a spirit of healing on these men to call them to a dedication to Him like never before. This led to a dedication to their families, and to reaching the lost and serving others. I was shuttled to the Sunday service at the church where God touched many needy lives. People sat in their seats weeping at God’s healing touch. Many sought prayer afterwards.

Mid-week I had the joy to minister at chapel hour to the students of the New Jersey Christian Academy. This was an amazing meeting where the student soaked up the challenge and encouragement of the word. Their response was amazing, and afterwards they all gathered around me and prayed for me. That was precious.

Then I travelled 3 hours north of Philadelphia to City Church Williamsport PA for a delightful weekend of ministry with pastor friends, Larry & Debbie Stout who were missionaries in Latvia for 20 years. What a blessed time ministering to the people of the church – through a full Saturday of counselling and prophecy to individuals, couples and families who came to spend time with me in the church office. The Sunday service was a huge blessing to many needy souls. After the service the ladies stayed at church for a “baby shower” while the men came to the Stout’s home for food, sport and fellowship. These were quality men sharing quality time together.

Then I flew to Florida for ministry at the River of Life Church in Merritt Island with Pastor Mark and Becky Berney. The Sunday morning started with a children’s message to the youth of the church. This was very special. The Sunday service enjoyed a wonderful spirit of worship and prophecy and the people were blessed and challenged.

I had a wonderful weekend in Destin near Pensacola, north Florida to minister with Pastor Eric and Darlene Partin in the very progressive Shoreline Church. The people of that “holiday” region are very anxious about the oil pollution that affects their wellbeing. The three services in a cinema complex, were back to back in a conveyor belt fashion. The worship was great and prophetic ministry flowed very powerfully. Many people came to the Lord that day.

The Prayer & Prophetic Group at the Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville Florida led by Danny Daniels, was fantastic in enthusiasm to move in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The evening was electric with expectation of the Holy Spirit to anoint them for God’s service. The prayer time at the end was precious as God touch their lives.

My final meeting in Florida was at the Orlando Evangel Assembly of God Church which was attended by so many young people and some brave older folk too. Longstanding friends Rob & Linda Francis of YWAM hosted me for this special meeting.

I then flew to Chicago and was collected by dear friends, Steve and Janet Eddington, to begin ministry in Bloomington, Central Illinois. Steve and Janet are great networkers and arranged my program so well. The first Sunday ministry was at West Twin Grove Church a long established community of young and old alike, arranged by my friend Steven Sparrow, an expert caterer. The three services consisted of a traditional service, a adult Sunday School meeting, and then a contemporary service for very enthusiastic banjo playing people. So many came to the Lord in these “fun-filled” meetings. House of Prayer, Bloomington hosted a wonderful mid-week meeting that was attended by people committed to the Lord in worship and prayer. The next night a great group of young people from the Illinois State University gathered to learn how to be blazing witnesses for Jesus. God moved powerfully in this meeting.

On the next Sunday it was a privilege to minister to the LeRoy House Church. What a gracious and committed group of believers. That Sunday evening I had the joy of preaching at the Latter Rain Church in Danville IL. What a friendly group of worshippers led by Pastors Don and Chris Prouty. On the Monday night my gracious friends, Ken and Pam Cooley, arranged a wonderful Missions Dinner in Ogden that turned out to be a very prophetic evening.

The final ministry in Illinois was at Jesus House Coffee Shop to a very special group of poor and homeless people. Last year young lady named Cat came to the Lord in my ministry there and in the ensuing months brought her parents, brother and sister to the Lord. She said she was so grateful to belong to Jesus that she had to share Him with her family.