What a special time in had ministering with Pastors Don and Chris Prouty at the Latter Rain Fellowship in Danville IL. The worship was very sweet and the fellowship with the adults and children was refreshing. The children had sold cakes they’d made and presented me with a love gift of the sales money to give to the orphans.

Missions Dinner in Ogden IL that Ken & Pam Cooley arrange every year was excellent with so many needy people attending. What a joy to fellowship with these great local people. The support they raise for the orphans of Eastern Europe is so encouraging.

In Bloomington IL the Jesus House Coffee Shop always hosts a wonderful meeting for the poor and homeless people. They are so hungry for God’s word and eagerly learn how to share their faith a bring people to Jesus. Over the years many have come to Christ in these meetings and enjoy intruding me to the people they in turn have led to Jesus.

University House of Prayer meeting in Bloomington IL has always been exciting with young people eagerly embracing the teaching on how to win other students to Christ. These are the leaders of the near future.

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend ministering to the Word of Life Church, in Sullivan IN, with Pastor Jeff and Lori Canfield. In spite of a flu epidemic in the city s many came to the meetings to learn how to share their faith with others using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

At a great Home Meeting in Mashpee MA in the home of John & Linda Andrewski, so many local people and neighbors came to see what God is doing with the precious orphans in Eastern Europe and how they can help with the support. These people are so generous with their help.

Pastor Dan Lewiston of the Heritage Christian Center Falmouth MA, hosted a great midweek meeting where I taught on how to grow a local church steadily with everyone sharing their faith through deeds of kindness. These compassionate folk got behind us to help supporting the orphans.

Ministry with Pastors Mark and Becky Berney at the River of Life Church Merritt Island FL is always a blessing. These special people have supported us in the ministry to the orphans on Latvia and Ukraine in a special way, and God is blessing them for it.