I had wonderful ministry in Florida. The Easter outreach at The River of Life Church Merritt Island was very fruitful. At the Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville I  met with the Prayer and Prophetic Group for a wonderful time of equipping in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I also had the privilege of ministering messages of hope to the Homeless and Poor in the area.

I had some very special meetings in Williamsport, Pennsylvania at City Church, the Wings of Love Community Church and an Interdenominational Ladies Bible Group (that was great fun). With my friend Dr Larry Stout, I met with some politicians who were desperate for guidance from God, and the city mayor and had a great time of sharing the gospel with them.

In Bordentown & East Windsor near Princeton New Jersey I enjoyed a week of wonderful ministry in the New Jerusalem Christian Church, as well as to the youth, women’s and men’s groups and the senior citizens.  I ministered in a school, The New Jersey Christian Academy and many responded to the Lord like never before. This really is a time of harvesting. In the face of the economic downturn here and the people’s fear of the future – many are responding to the Lord like never before.

In Cape Cod MA I enjoyed a wonderful meeting at the gracious home of John & Linda Andrewski. So many friends gathered for a time of fellowship and sharing. From that a great meeting was quickly arranged at the Heritage Christian Center, East Falmouth, where wonderful crowd gathered to be challenged and equipped in evangelism. I enjoyed a wonderful week of fellowship in Hingham MA with my dear friends, Ron and Terri Golding and their son John.

The first Sunday in Illinois saw a great meeting at the Latter Rain Fellowship in Danville. What a precious time in God’s presence with these precious people. The next night Ken and Pam Cooley hosted a Missions Dinner Outreach in Ogden where my friend, Dan Hoyme from Overland Missions, and I shared with an exciting crowd what God was doing through our mission ventures.

In Bloomington IL Steve and Janet Eddington arranged an exciting 10 days of ministry. Praying with the Prayer Warriors at the Bloomington House of Prayer was very encouraging. The next night the meeting with the University Students was electric with the power of God. The second Sunday I spoke at 4 services at the West twin Grove Christian Church and an exciting lunch time meeting at the Jesus House Coffee Shop to the poor  and homeless. Many needy souls came to the Lord that Sunday.

I then flew to San Diego where I had three meetings in two different churches – a wonderful youth rally at The Abiding Place which was to have been a missions training session but 80 youth turned up. The response was amazing. Then a wonderful AOG Church Bethany Assembly downtown San Diego Sunday morning and then a great evening meeting at The Abiding Place.