24 06, 2015

Latvia – Ministry to the Military

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The first day of seminars to the Latvian military was amazing. The weather was very cold but no snow, thank God. It is amazing that this miraculous door to the Baltic Troops has stayed open for so long – 5 years. On this first day we travelled 260 kms. On these long hops between bases we stop for refreshment breaks and to plan the strategy at the next base. I enjoyed three outreach seminars to the military police, the army headquarters and the air force base (that was a particularly excellent attendance). It’s not difficult in a crowd like that [...]

25 04, 2014

Fruitful Ministry in Europe March-April 2014

2016-10-14T12:31:13+11:00April 25th, 2014|

Special Ministry in Sweden and England I enjoyed ministering to The Bethel congregation in Vagnharad south of Stockholm, pastored by my friends, Åke and Lise Wallman. The sweet presence of the Lord was there to encourage the people to share their faith in Christ with everyone they could, knowing that they could be bringing someone to Jesus who could be a world reformer. St Luke’s Anglican Church, Hawkinge, Kent hosted me for two Sunday morning services. The precious older people responded to the challenge of God’s word like the seasoned WW2 veterans that they are. The beautiful worship time opened [...]

13 05, 2013


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Greetings from Latvia at this time. This is my 10th time to conduct seminars to the Military of Latvia. The commanders asked me three years ago to come and do these seminars to an army under immense stress. I was asked, “Please prepare our troops for eternity and help them solve their family problems.” What a time I’ve had over the last three years bringing many into a vital relationship with Jesus and endeavoring to help them with their problems  The local chaplains are working overtime doing the follow-up work. All this came about through supporting orphanages in this nation over [...]