15 08, 2017

Amazing Ministry coming up in Ukraine October 2017


I want to thank you for your great friendship and your wonderful partnership in the gospel. You have been such a blessing and encouragement to us and more especially all the orphans we support in Eastern Europe. We couldn’t manage this vital work without your help. God bless you richly for your generosity. It has been an amazing privilege to minister the Word of God to the Military and Military Academies in Ukraine and see many hundreds come to Christ. As a result, the morale of the troops has grown and military family relationships have been healed. This increase in [...]

12 10, 2015

A cold start in Riga


Today I enjoyed a cold day out in Riga. They are forecasting some snow this week. It was -3C at 6.30am Sunday. My Latvian manager, Sasha and his wife, Vera are fostering for one month, two 9 year old Jewish orphans from Donetsk, SE Ukraine, whose parents were killed recently by the Russian rebel army. The same age as Sarah - Sasha's little daughter. Dasha has ringing in her ears and hearing loss because of bomb explosions close by in Donetsk. I preached at the Word of Truth Church service in Riga at 11am and their youth meeting at 5 [...]

24 06, 2015

Latvia – Ministry to the Military


The first day of seminars to the Latvian military was amazing. The weather was very cold but no snow, thank God. It is amazing that this miraculous door to the Baltic Troops has stayed open for so long – 5 years. On this first day we travelled 260 kms. On these long hops between bases we stop for refreshment breaks and to plan the strategy at the next base. I enjoyed three outreach seminars to the military police, the army headquarters and the air force base (that was a particularly excellent attendance). It’s not difficult in a crowd like that [...]

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