Orphans in Eastern Europe

Although the seasons change many of the needs of caring for the orphan and rejected young children continue. Whether the children are in the homes (orphanages) or come in for day-care while their single mothers are at work we endeavor to make sure they have good food to nourish them. There is also a continuing need for medicines and medical equipment.

In Odesa Oblast and many parts of the Ukraine there are the additional costs and shortages and uncertainty through the continued occupation of the Crimea by Russia and also the conflict in nearby regions.

Please may we ask you to continue to pray for the Orphans of Eastern Europe, there are reports that there are 10’s of thousands in the Ukraine alone!and help if you are able. We’d greatly appreciate that.

Thank you for your wonderful partnership in the gospel and your compassion for these precious children.

Love and blessings,  Dave & Margurita

One of the very young onesA young baby in Odesa who has recently undergone heart surgery.

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— Dave & Margurita

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