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The seed of Smethurst Ministries was planted in 1972 when God called David Smethurst and his wife Margurita into ministry. This calling has taken them into churches, schools, youth groups, colleges, convents, military bases, prisons etc across the world including Africa, Australia, USA, Britain, Ireland, Latvia and other ex Soviet countries, Norway, Yugoslavia, Singapore, Malaysia, Iceland…

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Dave & Margurita

Latest News:

House of Hope – Extensions – Roof Complete and Windows in – Rescue Missions

On Saturday 24th April, our Odessa manager, Peter Emelyanov, sent these amazing photos of the roof of the House of Hope all complete. The beige, smaller section of building in the foreground is the original two storey building. See how much bigger the whole building is now – built over the top of the original building and around it. The original building only covered 72 m² of space. The whole building with the new extensions (four storeys) covers 295 m² of land. Soon, as we finish the interior a section at a time, we’ll be taking in 50 to 70 homeless children – and that’s just the start.Then these photos arrived of the House of Hope extensions with all the windows in place – another great breakthrough from the Lord because of your faithful support. The 16 builders whom we have been paying, have worked in coordinated shifts around the clock for the last 3 months to bring the building to this stage. Now the interior [...]

May 3rd, 2021|

One of the very young onesA young baby in Odesa who has recently undergone heart surgery.

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Recent News

Looming Crisis in Ukraine

You may have noticed on the news lately that Russia is openly aiding the Russian Rebel Army in Eastern Ukraine, whereas in the past Russia said that it was not involved. You may remember some years ago I was conducting seminars for the military in Latvia and Ukraine, and many [...]

April 6th, 2021|

Rescue Mission No. 4 in the Odessa Province January 2021

We’ve started the Rescue Missions for the fourth time to help the Displaced Orphans and Destitute Families again, as well as reach more unreached people. The youngsters at the House of Hope have been preparing hundreds more Survival Packs with another 2,000 kgs of food supplies, hygiene products and [...]

February 24th, 2021|