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The seed of Smethurst Ministries was planted in 1972 when God called David Smethurst and his wife Margurita into ministry. This calling has taken them into churches, schools, youth groups, colleges, convents, military bases, prisons etc across the world including Africa, Australia, USA, Britain, Ireland, Latvia and other ex Soviet countries, Norway, Yugoslavia, Singapore, Malaysia, Iceland…

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Dave & Margurita

Latest News:

Exciting Progress at the House of Hope

Thank you for your wonderful support for the orphans, the homeless children, the destitute families, and the poor elderly people of the Odessa Province of Ukraine.We are so encouraged by your generosity for these needy children and poor people who are coming to Jesus every day as a result of our rescue missions.Rescue MissionsThe Rescue Missions are still forging ahead each day, and our local teams have returned with glowing reports the eight local villages and an “Orphans Boarding School” where 250 survival packs or food, and hygiene products were given needy orphans, needy families, and destitute elderly people. In addition, we were able to help the orphan’s boarding school to reopen by suppling the children with school bags and study requisites.Within the last 18 months of the Covid 19 pandemic, our local teams in the Odessa province have travelled over 60,000 kms around the Odessa province to 458 villages.They have reached over 12,000 needy children and hundreds of destitute elderly people. They have provided [...]

August 28th, 2021|

One of the very young onesA young baby in Odesa who has recently undergone heart surgery.

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Recent News

Great News from Odessa

We want to thank you for your marvellous gifts, your tremendous generosity and prayer for the House of Hope and all the children it is accommodating and protecting, and the many more it will take care of in the years to come. We are so encouraged by all that you [...]

August 11th, 2021|