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Increased needs of the orphans that we support

Many nations are in “lockdown” as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus around the world. Eastern Europe is no different, and as a result of some of the quarantine measures the orphans that we support have increased needs particularly as medical resources are stretched and the day to day necessities become more difficult to purchase.
Through our network we are seeking to minister to the children that are on the streets. At this time we are directly aware of 500+ such children and are looking to provide basic food, hygienic toiletries and medicines for these children is a lot to facilitate help for, especially at this time of crisis and quarantine.
So to cover this need, we have hopes that their needs will be met by governments and others in their nations, we believe that we need to prepare for two weeks – we hope the crisis won’t last longer.

We are aiming to prepare at least 500+ survival bags for these children containing basic food, hygienic toiletries, a mask and any medicines required.
We calculate that the costs per bag is around $20 per week, so that is $11,040 USD per week in total. We are currently believing that this will be resolved in 2 weeks and that would make the total cost of $22,080 USD)

Thank you for your wonderful partnership in the gospel and your compassion for these precious children.

Love and blessings,  Dave & Margurita

One of the very young onesA young baby in Odesa who has recently undergone heart surgery.

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