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A matter of life and death

The challenge is to rouse ourselves from the attitude that winning people to Christ is a week-end hobby in which we might or might not participate. Endeavouring to bring people to Christ is a matter of life and death - [...]

don’t neglect it & don’t starve it!

Remember that you have a spirit living inside of you – don’t neglect it & don’t starve it! Read you Bible every day, read good inspirational & godly books, and spend some quality time with Jesus. It will help you [...]

Your Love Knows No Limits

Russell Moore wisely said; "As we become more attuned to the Gospel, we will have more of a burden for orphans!". We just want to thank You so much for having these orphans close to your heart! Your love for [...]

Stress is a choice

Life is really simple. But we insist on making it complicated  (Confucius) Life is made up of choices Our hectic professional & personal lives are our choosing. Most of us go through life focusing on – Conquering the next mountain Making the [...]

Change can force one of two reactions

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him” – David Brinkley Too many people when coming under attack crumble when instead they could view that attack or criticism as [...]

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