30 12, 2021

Getting prepared and ready at the House of Hope

2021-12-30T01:25:54-04:00December 30th, 2021|

We trust that you are well and that you’ve had a blessed Christmas season. Thank you so much for your very generous gift. We’re running in “emergency mode” at present getting the House of Hope ready for the possible increase of orphans and homeless children coming in over the next few months if the Russian Army breaks through into Eastern Ukraine again. It’s looking more and more dangerous day by day, as the UK and USA set up a NATO base in the Odessa port as threats and warnings go backwards and forwards between Russia and the Western Nations. [...]

28 08, 2021

Exciting Progress at the House of Hope

2021-12-17T21:27:16-04:00August 28th, 2021|

Thank you for your wonderful support for the orphans, the homeless children, the destitute families, and the poor elderly people of the Odessa Province of Ukraine.We are so encouraged by your generosity for these needy children and poor people who are coming to Jesus every day as a result of our rescue missions.Rescue MissionsThe Rescue Missions are still forging ahead each day, and our local teams have returned with glowing reports the eight local villages and an “Orphans Boarding School” where 250 survival packs or food, and hygiene products were given needy orphans, needy families, and destitute elderly people. In [...]

17 07, 2017

A matter of life and death

2021-12-17T21:31:22-04:00July 17th, 2017|

The challenge is to rouse ourselves from the attitude that winning people to Christ is a week-end hobby in which we might or might not participate. Endeavouring to bring people to Christ is a matter of life and death - eternal life and death. We've got to take it seriously. Think about it! God bless You!

14 07, 2017

don’t neglect it & don’t starve it!

2021-12-17T21:31:22-04:00July 14th, 2017|

Remember that you have a spirit living inside of you – don’t neglect it & don’t starve it! Read you Bible every day, read good inspirational & godly books, and spend some quality time with Jesus. It will help you to grow spiritually and to react to all the changes happening in your life with the right attitude. Every blessings!

23 12, 2015

Your Love Knows No Limits

2021-12-17T21:31:22-04:00December 23rd, 2015|

Russell Moore wisely said; "As we become more attuned to the Gospel, we will have more of a burden for orphans!". We just want to thank You so much for having these orphans close to your heart! Your love for God and orphans knows no limits!

14 03, 2015

Stress is a choice

2021-12-17T21:31:22-04:00March 14th, 2015|

Life is really simple. But we insist on making it complicated  (Confucius) Life is made up of choices Our hectic professional & personal lives are our choosing. Most of us go through life focusing on – Conquering the next mountain Making the next deal Running the next errand Knowing we’ll never have enough time to get it all done Yet there is all the time in the world if we realize we are the creators of the life we choose. Think about it ! Life is a series of choices, and being free from stress is one of those choices. If our work and [...]